Interactive Mapping Applications

    Broome County GIS has developed a number of Internet-based applications for county staff, the local municipalities, and the general public in Greater Binghamton. Broome County uses ESRI's ArcIMS to serve GIS data over the Internet in interactive mapping applications. Anyone with a compatible Internet Browser can perform many traditional GIS functions without the need for expensive GIS software packages, GIS data layers, or GIS expertise.
    In addtion to the on-line applications provided below, Broome County GIS has also developed a number of desk-top GIS applications. These applications were developed to automate routine functions such as map generation or tax parcel creation and to ease the use of GIS data.

Unified Parcel Information System (UPIS)  Updates   (modified December 21, 2012)

   Search Greater Binghamton for Property Information. Display over 80 additional map layers such as air photos, elevation, zoning, schools, and parks.

County Facilities Locator

   Choose from a list of Broome County facilites and locate them automatically with the Unified Parcel Information System.

Aerial Photography Viewer

   View aerial photography for Broome County.
      Aerial Photography also available in the Unified Parcel Information System.

Voting Information System

   Enter an address to display your polling place and elected officials information.

Transit Route Locator

   Enter starting and ending destinations to find bus routes.

Road Information System

   Enter an address to display information on road ownership and maintenance responsibility along with contact information.

Census Tract Locator

   Enter an address to display your census tract number and population. Link to more detailed information at the Census Bureau website.

Census Block Finder

   Browse Census Blocks on an interactive map.

Interactive Mapping Applications in New York Counties