Preliminary FEMA Flood Maps

   FEMA has released updated draft flood maps covering Broome County. The flood zones depicted in these updated maps vary substaintially from the existing maps in many parts of the County. Therefore, residents are encouraged to review the new, draft flood maps to see if their homes or businesses are impacted by the changes. Broome County has provided links to resources below to help individuals make that determinination.

Three Methods to Determine
Your Preliminary 100-Year
Flood Zone (SFHA) Status:

1) Search for Your Parcel

      STEP ONE: Select your Municipality
      STEP TWO: Enter your Parcel ID number


2) Find Your Parcel Interactively*


3) Find Your Property on a Static Map

      FEMA DFIRM Panel Maps
      Parcels Impacted by Municipality

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Other Information Sources:

Documents and Links

  Broome County Preliminary Flood Insurance Study

  FEMA Flood Mapping Information
      Specific to New York Counties. Includes FAQs and other resources.
  FEMA Flood Fact Sheets
      Information about Risk MAP, Map Modernization, and the National Flood Insurance Program.