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Broome County Parcel Mapper Now Available

      January 20, 2015 – The Parcel Mapper application has been developed and is now available. This new application replaces the Unified Parcel Information System and the Basic Parcel Viewer and works best using the lastest versions of Chrome or Firefox. The application can be accessed by selecting 'I Want To...Find...Parcel Information' on the upper-left of the screen and then selecting the Parcel Mapper (1st option). If you have problems accessing the Parcel Mapper you may need to reload/refresh the page.

Enter the Parcel Mapper

ArcIMS Interactive Mapping Applications No Longer Available

      January 20, 2015 – The interactive mappping applications built using ArcIMS software are no longer available as the server has been decomissioned and the software is no longer supported. These include the Unified Parcel Information System, Voting Information System, Transit Route Locator, Census Tract Viewer, and Aerial Photo Viewer, among others. We will be developing new applications using new software to replace some of these over the next few months. The first of these new applications is the Parcel Mapper (see above).

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FEMA Flood Mapping Update Information

Determine if the updates impact your property. Access other flood mapping resources.

Mission Statement

   The mission of Broome County GIS is the distribution of GIS and mapping resources to both the public and private sectors in the Greater Binghamton area of New York and beyond.

New York Upstate APA Award Winner in the Public Education Category The Broome County GIS Portal Website is the recipient of the 2006 New York Upstate Chapter APA Outstanding Planning Award in the Public Education Category.

Message from the Administrator

   Welcome to Broome County's award-winning GIS Portal website, your gateway to Greater Binghamton GIS information and mapping. Broome County GIS is committed to providing useful and valuable GIS-related resources to citizens, businesses, and local governments in the Greater Binghamton area in the most efficient and effective manner possible. GIS is a powerful resource used in many diverse areas including: business assistance, economic development & site selection, real property information & records, transportation & infrastructure, homeland security & public safety, health & human services, and environmental management to name a few. The Broome County GIS Portal website is your one-stop-shop for obtaining these resources, which include access to Interactive Mapping Applications and static GIS maps, requests for GIS data and custom GIS maps, and links to other GIS-related websites.
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Douglas C. English, Jr.
GIS Administrator